Deck sanding nj

Sanding a Wood Deck: Safety Tips

Decks fade and when they do, you want to renew it with a new stain. It’s a great project that many homeowners tackle every single year. However, sanding the deck before applying the stain is idea. Sanding the deck is a project that you can DIY or hire a professional to perform, so long as it is done. Deck sanding nj smooths the surface so it is easier to stain and so it retains the stain and color for a longer period of time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you plan to stain a deck.

Prepare for the Job

You’ll need a few tools to sand the deck if you plan to complete the work yourself. A handheld sander probably isn’t the best type of sander to use for the job so consider renting a larger one if it is not available.  You’ll also need sandpaper and various other items. Have it all on hand before you start.

Clean the Deck

Don’t start sanding the deck until it’s been cleaned. You want to clean off splinters and old stain before you begin to ensure the best results from the stain. Sweep the deck and pressure wash it to remove dirt and grime.

Deck sanding nj

Smooth it Out

A smooth deck is the desired deck. You want the deck to be as smooth as possible before you start sanding and staining. So, take the time to remove nails and replace with deck screws using a drill. Replace damaged boards and smooth out any splintered areas.

Stay Safe

Don’t forget that nothing is more important than your safety when sanding the deck. Use goggles and safety equipment, take the time to do the job the right way, and stay safe from the start to finish of the job.

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