Most homeowners will endure the misfortune of clogged toilets or sinks at some point. Most of these people look for home remedies to resolve the plumbing issues before they reach out to a plumber. There is a big difference in service costs, after all. Many homeowners choose a drain cleaner to resolve clogged pipe issues but this may not be a decision that you want to make so quickly.

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Liquid drain cleaners cause more harm to the pipes than good. They resolve clogs by creating a chemical reaction in the pipes that uses a heat generation system. This heat can cause irreversible damage to the pipes which creates many problems at your home. It can be very expensive to repair or replace damaged pipes. Why cost yourself such a tremendous amount of money when it is easy to avoid the issues and avoid drain cleaners?

Consumer Reports has conducted several tests on the drain cleaner’s effectiveness and has found that in more cases than not, the cleaners do not actually work. Although you may get the clog to go down, it has not gone away and still lurks closely nearby the surface. Eventually you will need to repair the pipes. It simply isn’t worth the damage that is caused to keep your pipes running effectively.

Your health is also on the line when drain cleaners are used. There are powerful ingredients inside of a drain cleaner; it is necessary to break down the issues that cause clogs. The chemicals are toxic if they are ingested. Furthermore, they can come back in through the pipes, leaving you to stand in a puddle of the chemicals if you’re in the shower. There are also possible allergic reactions possible when the cleaners are used. So, when the drains are clogged, make the smart decision and call a professional to schedule drain cleaning san bernardino ca!